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DHET REG: 2009 FE07/100

Covid-19 Management and Health Protocol
By:Mike B     Date Published:22-May-2020     Views:15836

The purpose of this document is to serve as a strict guideline in ensuring that the school environment is safeguarded from the spread of COVID 19, The main pillars in the guidelines adopted is based on 5 factors in the planning, execution and reporting and continued evaluation.

  1.  Risk Assessment of COVID 19 at the college campus


  1.  Early Intervention safeguard and prevention of spread


  1.  Continuous Monitoring of learners and staff


  1.  Saving the academic year without disadvantaging any learner


  1. Education creating a lot of awareness about COVID 19




  1. Engage and working closely with the local municipal and health department in ensuring that the college workspace is safe for students and staff. 


  1. The college will make use employ services of private OHS risk evaluation and preparation of the work place in accordance with the regulations pertaining to COVID regulations


  1. The risk assessment should evaluate the risk according to each site/venue in terms of standard health protocols to be followed to prevent the risk of spreading COVID 19 at the College. Management of workspaces from the reception area, administrative offices, staff rooms, classrooms, toilets, kitchen, and common areas such as student lounge and any other areas outside designated offices and classrooms.


  1. All college campuses and branches will secure deep cleaning and sanitizing material and appoint a competent person/company to provide a deep cleaning of the venues before the return of Management staff. At the end of the deep cleaning a report must be issued after the place has been sanitized.


By: Mike B
Campus Director

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