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DHET REG: 2009 FE07/100

Phasing in of classes as announced by the Minister at level 3
By:Mike B     Date Published:25-May-2020     Views:19460

Risk assessment and management of Covid-19
As announced by the minister that classes will be allowed to phase in at level 3, Springfield College understands and is committed to the call from government to protect lives and to save the academic year. 

Cleaning and Hygiene: Springfield FET College has purchased and delivered PPEs for academic staff, Hand sanitizers with 70% alcohol, face shields and infrared thermometers, and disinfecting machine. The College has two Campuses in Rustenburg and both have been deep cleaned by Tlotlo Lethabo Cleaning services and a Certificate has been obtained.   

Management of classes: We will be rearranging our time tables and classes, and in some respects use both classes and use a staggered approach in the time table in order to achieve the objective of physical distance whilst catching up with the 60 days that the lock-down has interrupted the academic activity. 

Alternate schooling. We also appreciate the view taken by the Dept. Education and Springfield will do all it can to ensure safety at school for every staff member and learner. in the case of parents/guardians who would be concerned for specific situations, especially where there are serious health conditions involved. This will be respected. Should you decide not to send the learner back to the college and engage in alternative form of schooling, it is essential that the institution be informed in writing, so that a work is prepared and given to the learner to study at home until when the learner/parent feels it safe for them to return to the school. 

Access control. Parents and learners need to be aware that access to the college property will be strictly controlled going forward, daily screening and temperature scanning will take, No extramurals will be allowed and learners will have to go home as soon as they finish their classes. Parents and learners will be encouraged to interact with the college via online platforms like our webpage for any queries, email and Whatssap numbers or phoning. Payments would be preferred to be via EFT and finally if there is any distress please contact your family psychologists/social worker for support   

By: Mike B
Campus Director

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